Tuesday, July 19, 2011

More classes at the Brooklyn Brainery announced

The Brooklyn Brainery, that bastion of DIY education in Carroll Gardens, has released its new schedule. Here's your pick of the new classes this month and next:

One Session
The Whats and Whys of Programming Languages
 - daytime! 
Backyard Chickens - all you need is a patch of dirt and some know-how
Edible Botany - brush up on your Latin and learn to tell a pumpkin from a squash 
Cocktail Alchemy - infuse your way to awesome drinks
Solving Crossword Puzzles - tips and tricks from two expert solvers
How I Learned to Solve a Rubik's Cube in 2 Minutes - you'll impress everyone
Jars of Joy: Homemade Chutneys - or, what to do when you have too many tomatoes
English Grammar - never confuse 'lie' and 'lay' again
How to Kill at Karaoke  - everything you need for a stellar performance
Cooking 101: Organic, Local, Sustainable - eating well, on the cheap

Longer Night Courses
Music Theory for Non-Musicians - demystifying music for the rest of us
Living Philosophy - back for an August session! 
Sustainability vs. Culture - plastic, shelter + food
Playwriting: Your First Work - two weeks to your first play


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