Friday, March 11, 2011

Sweet! Honey tasting course

By Laura Gottesdiener

Here’s an event with some real buzz.

New York City College of Technology professor Claire Stewart will have you swarming to a honey tasting next month at the Downtown school. And if you think you know the difference between tupelo and orange blossom, you don’t know nothin’, honey.

“The variety is extraordinary,” said Stewart, who is also a New Jersey apiarist (which is a fancy word for beekeeper) and will offer tastes of smoky and rich mesquite honey, dark and caramel-flavored buckwheat honey, a sharp, citric lime honey and others.

There are so many honeys because there are so many things for bees to eat. Often, your tea sweetener has a hint of rose petal and clover. But if the bees in question ate cabbage, kale, dandelions or artichokes — and they do — you’ll taste that, too.

No Brooklyn honey will be at this event, but the borough has emerged as a hive of apiary activity since beekeeping was legalized last March. But Stewart will bring some of her own creations from the Garden State. Rest assured, though, her bees don’t eat garbage.

Honey Tasting at City Tech [300 Jay St. between Tillary and Johnson Streets in Downtown, (718) 552-1170], March 14 at 6 pm.


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