Monday, January 24, 2011

Get buzzed

By Alex Rush

Admit it — ever since beekeeping became legal in March, you’ve been wondering how you could get in the buzz biz.

Wonder no more, thanks to Brooklyn Brainery, which is offering its second “Bee Night” on Jan. 25.

The adult education organization will present a documentary about honeybees, a honey-tasting and a Q&A with a genuine Brooklyn beekeeper. 

It’s the second session for the course.

“People have wanted to learn about do-it-yourself bee-keeping ever since it became legal,” said Brainery co-director Jen Messier. “It attracts a lot of people.”

Course attendees will learn the basics of keeping bees and getting their honey from Tim O’Neal, a Prospect Heights beekeeping pioneer and bee blogger on
He’ll also prepare you for the one sting of beekeeping — the sting.

“Don’t be afraid of the bees,” O’Neal said. “As you develop your bee-keeping skills, you’ll brush off a sting like a prick.”

“Bee Night” at the Brooklyn Brainery (515 Court St. between W. Ninth and Huntington streets in Carroll Gardens, no phone), Jan. 25 at 7 pm. $7. For info and to sign up, visit


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