Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Brooklyn the brand

Recent openings have highlighted Brooklyn as a commodity, from Brooklyn Winery to the Brooklyneer, which isn't even in Brooklyn.

And so, two different news organizations have turned their gaze to the trend, with Crains writing about the borough's "power of cool," for those maybe also thinking of ursurping it, and the New York Times focosing on those companies that have hopped the bandwagon to Brooklyn's "DIY chic." Along with all the fun product dropping, both highlight the copyright dangers and backlash (some satirized) that comes along with that.

The articles make for interesting reads, especially for all the great Brooklyn brands highlighted. Here's a list of what's mentioned, for your own compendium of "Brooklyn cool," a list that's sure to be growing:

Absolut Brooklyn - a Spike Lee joint
Brooklyn Winery - make your own wine at this Williamsburg-based facility
Brooklyn Soda Works - artisanal soda makers
Brooklyn Brewery - the borough's most established beer maker, founded in 1988 (albeit in upstate New York)
Brooklyn Burger - Sunset Park-based maker, in a dispute with Major League Baseball over their logos' similarities
Brooklyn Oenology - winery that recently opened a new tasting room
Brooklyn Industries - hip clothing store with national locations
BRDG - products inspired by the borough
Breuckelen Distilling Co. - Sunset Park-based gin maker
Brooklyn Gin - Miami-based - Miami-based gin maker suing previously mentioned gin maker
Brooklyneer - Manhattan-based restaurant inspired by Brooklyn
Brooklyn Brine - Gowanus-based pickle maker
Brooklyn Salsa - self-explanatory
Brooklyn Brew Shop - homebrewing helper found at the Brooklyn Flea
Brooklyn Kitchen - Williamsburg-based culinary shop

Hey, where's the Brooklyn Paper?


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