Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Brooklyn Museum - too populist?

Is the Brooklyn Museum too populist for its own good?

The New York Times thinks so. In a piece published today, the paper posits that exhibitions on "Star Wars," free Saturday dance parties, and partnerships with Bravo haven't helped boost numbers (and have even resulted in the loss of a board member recently).

"The Brooklyn Museum has long face criticism that its populist tack and exhibitions on topics like 'Star Wars' movies and hip-hop music have diminished its stature," writes Robin Pogrebin. "And now the attendance figures raise questions about the effectiveness of those efforts to build an audience by becoming more accessible."

With a mass-appeal exhibition opening up soon - a retrospective on Andy Warhol - what do you think? Has the Museum dipped too much into the mainstream, or has its recent works been the only reason you've traveled there? Sound off in the comments.


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