Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Take off your pants!

By Andy Campbell

Brooklyn, it’s time to make public your privates.

Thousands of folks across the city will be showing some leg on Sunday at the 10th annual No Pants Subway Ride — and this time, Brooklyn will represent so hard that it will be forever known as the Borough of Tighty Whities.

The rules are simple: bring your friends to Maria Hernandez Park in Bushwick or the Old Stone House in Park Slope at 3 pm, get signed up for a group and a specific train, and take off your pants. Act as you normally would on the subway and if you’re questioned, say something along the lines of “I forgot to wear pants today.”

Don’t worry; it’s completely legal, and you’ll be joining our staff in all of our leopard-print glory (viral YouTube video to follow).

The bottomless journey is not a protest of the recent fare hike, just the group Improv Everywhere’s way of having fun.

“It’s going to be ridiculously epic,” said Bushwick resident Eric Alba. “I’m not sure what I’ll wear yet, but I’m trying to decide between flashy and bright or small and tight.”

The choice is yours.

No Pants Subway Ride in either Bushwick (Maria Hernandez Park at Starr Street and Irving Avenue) or Park Slope (Old Stone House of Brooklyn at Fourth Avenue and Third Street), Jan. 9, 3 pm. For info, visit


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