Friday, January 21, 2011

Feature Features

This is something new we're going to try. There are a lot of interesting features written about Brooklyn, covering food, music, film, you name it. So, to share them with you, we're creating Feature Features, a link-based post on all manners of Brooklyn stories.

To kick it off, here's what we're reading today:

"Williamsburg, toddlertown": Forget Park Slope or Carroll Gardens, Williamsburg is coming of age, the New York Times reports. (Also related, Caribous Baby, a new store and event space, is opening in the neighborhood this March).

"Franklin Street Draws Crowds": A little strip in Greenpoint is bustling, thanks to the recent additions of clothing boutiques, as well as restaurants, the Wall Street Journal discovers (though it's nothing photographer Emily Raw didn't already know about).

"A Familiar Story of Boy Meets Girl, But in Yiddish": The Times explores the real-life ties between the Williamsburg-based actors in "Romeo and Juliet in Yiddish," which premiered at the New York Jewish Film Festival this week, and their film counterparts.


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