Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Brooklyn Brainery

Brooklyn Brainery, an inexpensive, informal way to continue your education, just announced its fall schedule. Classes begin Sept. 20 at the Gowanus Studio Space. Check them out!

One Night Workshops
Knife Skills - by popular demand, we'll julienne and chiffonade to your heart's content.
Lamp Making - you will totally go home with an awesome lamp

Two Week Classes
The South in Your Mouth -
from boiled peanuts to pecan pie, we've got the culinary South covered
Tea! - what's what and how to drink it, from oolong to white and from green to black
Pseudoscientific Pursuits - a bunch of things that are not quite science

Three Week Classes
Fermentation Fixation - take a look (and a bite) at all fermented foods - from simple pickles to ginger ale, sourdough to kombucha
Beekeeping 101 - what you need to know before you order 10,000 bees in the mail
Astronomy - science plus stargazing -
supplement your "celestial body" pickup line with a quip about epicycles


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