Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival needs your help

We're big fans of Eugene Mirman's comedy festival at the Bell House and Union Hall, which brings in such names as Kristen Schaal, Mike Birbiglia, Sarah Vowell, Daniel Kitson, David Cross, Jon Glaser, we could go on.

If you're fans too, the team put together a Kickstarter fund to help them "bring the awesome" this year.
If that's not enough, here's a list of things they'll do with the money:

-Pay a living wage to the people who work really hard to make this event possible.
-Build an ice cream limo or buy an ice cream truck
-Pay comedians enough money to afford one very nice meal and maybe even buy a pair of shoes.
-Fly out and put up some performers so that we can have more events/ panels/ shows/ comedy/ music
-Set up a petting zoo outside of our venue
-Awkward Party Bus
-Have musical guests on some of our shows
-Have fun after-parties
-Pay recent college grads to have sex in a pit (probably not, but we’ll see how much money we raise)
-Delicious free food!
-More surprises!


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