Thursday, May 19, 2011

What to find at the NYC Food Truck Rally

Come to the NYC Food Truck Rally hungry, but not clueless of what kind of grub you can get. Here’s a sampling of some of the food trucks setting up shop in Grand Army Plaza this Sunday.

Eddie’s Pizza Truck

The deal: Craving pizza and in a hurry? Eddie’s produces the perfect on-the-go “bar pizza” for guests to salivate over, including the Eddie’s Special, topped with sausage, meatballs, pepperoni, peppers, mushrooms and onions. Minus toppings, they’re only 270 calories each.

They say: “It seems that food trucks have gotten more popular with the advent of social media,” said owner Derek Kaye. “We specialize in personal, thin-crust pizzas, and customize them with 25 different toppings.”

The Treats Truck

The deal: After a trip to Carroll Gardens-based Treats Truck and its mounds of baked goods, grandma’s brownies and cookies may not taste quite as good on the next visit.

They say: “I just know that so many people are having a love affair with food trucks,” said owner Kim Ima. “We make all kinds of not fancy, but old-fashioned fun stuff like cookies, brownies, rice krispies, and just a lot of things with sprinkles.”

Joyride Truck

The deal: This “joyride,” found Sundays in Park Slope usually, features Stumptown coffee and frozen yogurt, which you can top with a variety of fresh fruit or dessert-inspired treats, like Cap’n Crunch and Oreos. 

They say: “Truck rallies have been going on in other cities, but we haven’t really done that or organized it ourselves,” said co-owner David Blanich. “I’m glad we are catching up with the other cities.”

Kelvin “Slush” Truck 

The deal: These slush beverages are not your normal 7-11 slushee. They’re offered in a variety of flavors including Tangy Citrus and Spicy Ginger combined with your choice of various all-natural mix-ins such as pomegranate seeds and fresh chopped mint and basil.

They say: “It’s really going to be a big event,” said owner Alex Rein. “It just shows unity among us vendors that we’re excited about.”

Red Hook Lobster Pound 

The deal: This Brooklyn Flea regular uses fresh-off-the-boat lobster that is then fixed up in lobster rolls, bisque, and salads. 

They say: “Food trucks don’t give Brooklyn enough love,” said owner Susan Povich. “We’re coming big time. We’re going to rumble.”

— Daniel Ng


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