Friday, April 1, 2011

Pigeon a La Plancha, anyone?

Brooklyn has become so easy to make fun of lately, whether it's the New York Times's "discovery" of it to businesses named after the borough. Today (April Fool's Day!), the fun continues. We just got this email from the guys at the Meat Hook and Brooklyn Kitchen featuring a list of its April "classes." It's a who's who in Brooklyn trend pieces. Molotov cocktails? Knife throwing? They should be careful though, someone would want to take a Neanderthal Diet class.

April Classes!

Midwestern Molded Salads
April 7   $65

Knife 202: Knife Throwing
April 8   $100

Methamphetamines: Home Production
April 11   $250 and 25%

Molotov Cocktails
April 12   $75

Party like it's 2004: Naked Lady Sushi!
April 12   $80

Pigeon a La Plancha
April 13   $75

DIY MRE's: Using Modernist Techniques for End of Days
April 14   $75

Glass Blowing: Making your own Canning Jars
April 18   $40

Neanderthal Diet with the Meat Hook: All Raw, Half Rotten
April 19   $75

Brooklyn Business Plan: It's ALL in the Name
April 20   $150

How to Serve Man
April 21   $40

Home Alloys: from Bronze to Steel
April 21   $50

Manifold: Make the Most of your Commute
April 25   $150

Rat Trapping, Slaughter and Butchering
April 26   $80 (rat included)

See you real soon!

Harry and Taylor
the Brooklyn Kitchen

Tom, Brent and Ben
the Meat Hook


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