Thursday, May 20, 2010

On The Market

Get involved in the Market Hotel project.

Since cops shut down the Bushwick venue last month, proprietor Todd Patrick, pictured at left fixing the sound system before a set, has launched a new initiative to create a sustainable, all ages, open-to-the-community, 7-nights-a-week home for independent music and art.

The next project meeting is tonight at 8 pm at the space (957 Broadway at Myrtle Avenue).
More about the project:

"Market Hotel has existed for over two years and in that time has hosted countless legendary events and drawn huge international notice... all of this under the constraints of operating completely underground and with no budget. Now the time has come to channel that momentum and create a fully realized space that serves the whole community, that will help define the NYC / Brooklyn scene into the future.

MARKET HOTEL PROJECT is a new not-for-profit organisation dedicated to swiftly reopening and improving the Market Hotel space, by making the venue more viable, comfortable, safe, and better able to weather legal attention. Especially in these days of ever-encroaching commercialism and corporatism in "indie rock," we envision a space that is a non-commercial "spiritual home" for independent rock music and indie art - but also is sustainable and sanctioned enough to expand indie horizons and open our doors to music and art from the rest of our diverse Bushwick community."

Have ideas? E-mail, or head to the meeting.


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